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Итоги конференции

  Международная техническая конференция «Уплотнительная техника и динамическое оборудование. Инновации, надежность, эффективность» состоялась в […]

Премия «Живой поток»

27 октября мы стали лауреатом Национальной премии в области производства и обеспечения рынка насосного […]

Auxiliary systems for mechanical seals

Mechanical seals are devices installed on pumps, mixers or other equipment having rotating shaft, […]

Mechanical Seal for Heavy Duty and High Pressure applications

Many industrial processes and, particularly Oil&Gas and Power, more often require pumps capable to work at very […]

Mechanical seals for Bioreactors used in the pharmaceutical industry

Mechanical Seals used on Bioreactors, Fermenters, Mixing Vessels and Dryers in the Pharmaceutical and […]

Mechanical seals for containment and emissions control

The emissions control is a critical topic for technicians and plant engineers whenever new […]

From paper to real operations

1. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this investigation is to estimate, through a finite element […]

Retrofit INA refinery

Every day more stringent regulations in terms of polluting emissions and the ever-increasing management […]

Ferretti Group

The FERRETTI nautical company relies on the Fluiten Italia mechanical seals for the rotary […]

3V Glass Coat

Fluiten provides 3V GLASSCOAT with an exclusive and high-tech range of mechanical seals. The […]


Introduction Bioplastics is one of the fastest growing industries, favoured by increasing environmental awareness […]

Fluiten sealing systems for gas processing plant

Fluiten, the Italian sealing solution company, Fluiten, is supplying mechanical seals with auxiliary system […]