3V Glass Coat

8 ноября 2018
Ferretti Group
11 ноября 2019

Fluiten provides 3V GLASSCOAT with an exclusive and high-tech range of mechanical seals.

The 3V TECH Group is a global supplier of process systems dedicated to chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental industries. 3V GLASSCOAT S.p.A. forms part of the group and presents itself as an innovative manufacturer of enamelled steel equipment and systems specifically for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Having decided that the quality of materials, workmanship and engineering represent essential factors within the production process of these enamelled products, 3V GLASSCOAT established a partnership with Fluiten to optimise the machinery design, and asked us to develop a high-tech seal for this specific application, and therefore able to offer completive advantages to the end user. We named it “Fluiten for 3V GLASSCOAT”, a dual seal to avoid polluting the atmosphere and the appearance of corrosion on the outer part of the machinery; we pre-assembled it as a cartridge and tested it on the bench for easy assembly on the machine therefore preventing positioning errors and to provide quicker technical assistance.