Ferretti Group

3V Glass Coat
11 ноября 2019
Retrofit INA refinery
11 ноября 2019

The FERRETTI nautical company relies on the Fluiten Italia mechanical seals for the rotary shafts of its vessels.

We have also supplied MU seals for propeller shafts of up to 120 mm and the MMS series for propellers with larger diameters for the nautical sector. The Fluiten product market niche varies, spanning from “pleasure” boats to work boats – in which we can include the military sector- and particularly vessels with propeller axes that are greater than 60 mm in diameter. It is precisely in this area that customers appreciate technology and construction that has a high degree of reliability and which is needed for applications that are, undoubtedly, critical. We supplied the Ferretti Group with seals which ensure high level technical performance and reliability, enabling them to move away from the use of secondary lubricants which are harmful to the environment.