Retrofit INA refinery

Ferretti Group
11 ноября 2019
From paper to real operations
11 ноября 2019

Every day more stringent regulations in terms of polluting emissions and the ever-increasing management costs in the case of unsafe plants, are forcing an improvement about safety systems into plants including mechanical seals.

Fluiten represent a strategic partner to solve the problems related to the selection, supply and installation of mechanical seals. Fluiten offers and develops engineered solution.

The customer’s needs were to increase the safety level of the sealing systems installed on particularly polluting and dangerous processes for the environment and the machine operator, minimizing existing and functioning pumps’ adjustments.

First of all our technical Department, under the scrupulous supervision of the related area-manager, chooses the proper seal models according to API 682 for the related procceses.

Two types of products have been identified:

The 4th ed. API 682 model TRHD suitable for high temperature services with LCO (light cycle oil) containing water with suspended solid particles.

The double mechanical seal with rotating metal bellows is able to operate at very high temperatures and with fluids that contain particulates.

The 4th ed.API 682 model  CB8D used on different processes, gasoline at 60 °C, sour water at about 80 °C, LPG at about 50 °C. The double balanced reverse pressure mechanical seal is able to tolerate possible inversions of pressure avoiding catastrophic failure.

The two sealing models represent some of the Fluiten products defined as “Zero Emission” because they guarantee excellent levels of emission control guaranteeing high safety standards.

The mechanical seals supplied have been modified dimensionally, redesigning the flange and sleeve to respect the overall dimensions and to satisfy the customer’s needs. The adapted dimensions limited the cage case rework on existing pumps: Fluiten developed double cartridge mechanical seals with the same dimensions of pre-existed competitor single mechanical seals.

In addition, for a perfect containment of leakages and for the correct functioning of the seals, each ITEM has been equipped with an auxiliary system PLAN 53B with pressurized barrier liquid.

The inert fluid acts as a barrier for the physiological leakages of the seal and in case of any breakages, preventing catastrophic feilure.

The auxiliary liquid also lubricates and cools the faces of the sealing rings, preserving them from breakage and damage.

The mechanical seals and auxiliary systems supplied and installed have been put into operation with an excellent response from the customer who has also seen lower insurance premiums thanks to the implementation of the safety levels.

Fluiten has proved to be a strategic partner for the refinery, able to listen and accommodate customer requests quickly and with an high level that has distinguished the company’s work for over fifty years.